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Xinxiang Haibin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Xinxiang Haibin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd


Xinxiang Haibin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
About Us
Xinxiang Haibin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd is a subsidiary of Joincare Group which is a joint venture invested by Shenzhen Haibin Pharmaceutical Co Ltd and Hongkong Tiancheng Industrial Co Ltd It was founded in August 2004 with registered capital 20 million yuan and production officially began in 2006 Total assets is 240 million yuan It covers an area of 80 000 sq m and construction area of 15 000 sq m Our main products include meropenem intermediates imipenem intermediates cilastatin intermediates ertapenem intermediates faropenem intermediates biapenem intermediates panipenem intermediates doripenem intermediates tebipenem intermediates and related APIS

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API For Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases

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26-dioneTebipenemPanipenem3-dioxane-4Biapenem Api2-Dimethyl-1Meropenem CudeImipenem CrudeBiapenem CrudeFaropenem PriceDoripenem PriceMeropenem CrudeBiapenem PowderCilastatin AcidVoriconazole ApiErtapenem SodiumTebipenem PowderDoripenem PowderPanipenem PowderFaropenem PowderCarbapenems APISVoriconazole CostDoripenem HydrateImipenem ErtapenemVoriconazole PriceMometasone FuroateMAP CAS 90776-59-3Aclidinium BromideProtected meropenemBiapenem Side ChainCDHA for CilastatinFormoterol fumarateImipenem TrihydrateMAP CAS: 90776-59-3Fluticasone FuroateImipenem CilastatinErtapenem Side ChainDoripenem Side ChainTebipenem Side ChainPanipenem Side ChainFaropenem Side ChainUmeclidinium BromideErtapenem AntibioticMeropenem TrihydrateMeropenem Side ChainImipenem MonohydrateImipenem IntermediateMAP for Meropenem ApiCAS NO.76855-69-1 4AAPanipenem IntermediateTebipenem IntermediateFaropenem IntermediateImipenem IntermediatesMeropenem IntermediateCarbapenem Product MAPMeropenem Intermediates4-BMA Powder 90776-58-2Ertapenem IntermediatesCilastatin IntermediateMeropenem CAS 96034-64-9Cilastatin IntermediatesAPI Meropenem 96036-03-2Imipenem Cilastatin CostAPI Meropenem TrihydrateImipenem 4BMA 90776-58-2Cas No.90776-59-3 PowderCAS 82009-34-5 CilastatinMeropenem intermediate F9Meropenem CAS 137391-68-5Imipenem intermediate BCKVoriconazole IntermediateHigh Quality Meropenem ApiHigh Quality API MeropenemMeropenem intermediate MAPMAP with CAS NO 90776-59-3MAP with Cas No.90776-59-3Powder Imipenem 74431-23-5High Quality 99% FaropenemMeropenem Intermediate 4AACAS 158299-05-9 Raw PowderCrude Meropenem 119478-56-7Beta-methyl vinyl phosphateMeropenem Trihydrate Powder4AA with CAS NO.:76855-69-1CAS 119478-56-7 High Purity4-BMA Powder Cas 90776-58-2High Purity 4BMA 90776-58-299% Min Meropenem 2033-24-199% Meropenem CAS 96034-64-9Meropenem F9 CAS 137391-68-5High Quality Imipenem PowderVoriconazole CAS 188416-35-5An Intermediate for MeropenemPNB Protected Meropenem (F12)Formoterol Fumarate DihydrateCilastatin Intermediate CDCHAMometasone Furoate 83919-23-7Protected doripenem side chainHigh Purity MAP CAS 90776-59-3Protected ertapenem side chainMometasone Furoate MonohydrateAclidinium Bromide 320345-99-1CAS 90776-59-3 with High PurityMeropenem Powder CAS 96034-64-9Fluticasone Furoate 397864-44-7Biapenem Side Chain 153851-71-998% Powder Meropenem Trihydrate4-Nitrobenzyl hydrogen malonateCAS 119478-56-7 with Best PricePanipenem Side Chain 90505-36-5Faropenem Side Chain 87392-05-0Mometasone furoate intermediateImipenem Monohydrate 74431-23-5153851-71-9 Biapenem Side ChainPowder Cas 119478-56-7 Meropenem119478-56-7 Meropenem TrihydrateImipenem Intermediate 74288-40-7Meropenem Intermediate in HaibinMeropenem trihydrate Non-sterile4-AA Intermediate 98% 76855-69-1Cilastatin Powder CAS 82009-34-5Meropenem Trihydrate 119478-56-798% 76855-69-1 4-AA IntermediateHigh Purity Faropenem 87392-05-0Doripenem Side Chain 491878-06-9Ertapenem Side Chain 219909-83-8Doripenem Side Chain 148017-03-2Umeclidinium Bromide 869113-09-7148017-03-2 Doripenem Side ChainErtapenem Side Chain 202467-69-4Meropenem Intermediate 90776-59-3High Quality Umeclidinium BromideHigh Purity Cilastatin 82009-34-5Mometasone Furoate CAS 83919-23-74-AA 76855-69-1 with Best Quality90776-59-3 Meropenem IntermediateCilastatin Powder CAS 877674-77-6CAS 83919-23-7 Mometasone FuroateMeropenem Intermediate 90776-58-2API 99% CAS 119478-56-7 Meropenem90505-36-5 Side Chain of PanipenemMometasone furoate monohydrate APIBOC Protected Doripenem Side ChainPNB Protected Ertapenem Side ChainMeropenem Cas 137391-68-5 99.0%minSide Chain for Imipenem 90776-58-2Protected Meropenem CAS 96036-02-1Meropenem Intermediate 158299-05-9158299-05-9 Meropenem IntermediateAclidinium Bromide 320345-99-1 APIHigh Purity Meropenem IntermediateCAS 320345-99-1 Aclidinium Bromide153851-71-9 Biapenem Side Chain MPTCAS 153851-71-9 Biapenem Side ChainBiapenem Side Chain MPT 153851-71-9153851-71-9 Side Chain for BiapenemSide Chain for Meropenem 96034-64-9CAS 119478-56-7 Meropenem TrihydrateMeropenem Trihydrate CAS 119478-56-7Umeclidinium Bromide 869113-09-7 APITop Quality Voriconazole 188416-35-5Meropenem Intermediate Cas 2033-24-1Cas 202467-69-4 Ertapenem Side ChainsMeropenem Intermediate CAS:77359-11-6Imipenem Intermediate(BCK) 74288-40-7Raw Material Meropenem CAS 96034-64-9High Quality API Meropenem TrihydrateHigh Purity Imipenem Intermediate BCKMeropenem Intermediate 4BMA 90776-58-2Fluticasone Furoate Powder 397864-44-7Meropenem CAS 158299-05-9 White PowderCompetitive Price Meropenem TrihydrateMeropenem Intermediate CAS 158299-05-9Meropenem Trihydrate Powder 119478-56-7Powder Meropenem Trihydrate 119478-56-7Cas No 179337-57-6 Tebipenem Side ChainMeropenem Intermediate Powder 90776-59-399% Tebipenem Side-chain CAS 179337-57-6CAS 219909-83-8 Side Chain for ErtapenemRaw Material Crude Meropenem 119478-56-7Meropenem Intermediate CAS No.90776-58-2An Intermediate for Meropenem Side ChainPharmaceutical Raw Material Cas 2033-24-1Fast Delivery Meropenem Trihydrate PowderMeropenem Side Chain for Meropenem PowderPharmaceutical Grade Meropenem TrihydrateVoriconazole Intermediate CAS 188416-35-5Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate 183814-30-4Side Chain for Meropenem Powder 96034-64-9CAS 397864-44-7 Fluticasone Furoate PowderAn Intermediate for Carbapenem AntibioticsMometasone Furoate Monohydrate 141646-00-699% Meropenem Intermediate CAS 158299-05-9Raw Material Meropenem 99% CAS 119478-56-7Antibiotic Biapenem Side Chain 153851-71-9119478-56-7 Pharmaceutical Grade MeropenemErtapenem Side Chain with Reasonable PriceHigh Purity Biapenem Side Chain 153851-71-998% Powder Meropenem Trihydrate 119478-56-7High Quality Mometasone Furoate MonohydrateDoripenem Side-chain Powder CAS 491878-06-9Biapenem Side Chain Intermediate 153851-71-9High Purity Tebipenem Side-chain 179337-57-64-Nitrobenzyl Hydrogen Malonate Cas 77359-11-698% Powder Meropenem Trihydrate Cas 119478-56-7Formoterol Fumarate Dihydrate Powder 183814-30-4Beta-Methyl Vinyl Phosphate (MAP) CAS 90776-59-3High Quality CAS 119478-56-7 Meropenem Trihydrate
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